AUDIO: J.O.Eons Featuring Nile & Spaidez – “Big Ol Flex”

Milwaukee artist J.O.Eons has tapped some high-caliber talent for his latest single, “Big Ol Flex”, which features Nile and Spaidez. The beat features a nasty string sample around some trap drums, and all three artist provide a fair amount of energy to keep the hype on the track. Eons holds down a pair of verses, gaining increased confidence with every bar. Spaidez adds a verse of his own, and Nile’s contribution is an enthusiastic hook. Where J.O. has plenty of material out, this feels like a step forward for him, as he proves that he can hold his own around artists like Spaidez and Nile that have a natural charisma about themselves. “Big Ol Flex” is J.O.Eons’ fifth single of 2020, and we’ve gotten albums from him the last two years, so one would assume a new full project is on the way. Check out “Big Ol Flex” here below:

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