Producer & DJ Fenki Launches New Project Titled ‘Sparta’

Known for his worldwide hit ‘Champion,’ Portuguese producer and DJ, Fenki, dropped a brand new project titled ‘Sparta.’ On the new banger, Fenki stayed true to his aesthetics and sounds: the song is an uplifting and motivating anthem that calls you to keep going and never give up. 

Fenki tends to use many pop influences on his songs, but instead of carrying and building tracks on pop tunes, he blends them with house, techno, and minimal, and creates his unique sound. When it comes to adding vocals on his singles, Fenki is a true wizard in choosing vocalists, matching their voices to the beat and layering to hover over the main melody.

Fenki’s signature sound is creating a baleful atmosphere on his tracks, and music videos that accompany the tracks. Visuals to ‘Champion’ are an insane dose of creativity as he connects shots, cartoons, and performances into one balanced piece of art. 

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