Jake Beck and Carol Zhao’s Debut Single Will Make You Wish It Would Never Stop Raining

Jake Beck is an artist and producer who combines live instruments with modern beats, and classic songwriting. He has inspirations drawing from everywhere: His goal is to aim for the Beatles with his songwriting, Jeff Beck with the guitar, but produced by Danger Mouse. Jake dropped a video collecting over 18,000 views and beyond 100 comments a year or two ago where he improvised on a keyboard overtop a beat for Instagram. People really responded to the nonchalance that would later on, he guesses, would end up becoming sort of his brand.

Carol Zhao is a professional tennis player. She was the #1 singles tennis player in Canada and NCAA champion at Stanford University. She suffered a UCL injury which forced her to take some time away from the circuit. At the time, she was extremely upset by this. But if she wasn’t forced to temporarily put down the racquet, she wouldn’t have had the time to pick up the guitar. A year later, after spending every day writing music she’s found that what once seemed like a curse may actually have been a blessing.

Jake and Carol have spent a couple years getting to know each other musically and as much fun as it was, it was also an investment so that they could learn each other’s respective flows in order to be able to pump out track after track in a high quality fashion.

Their debut single “I wish it would never stop raining” is set to release on June 11 of 2020. The song was inspired by a beat Jake heard on some chill-hop playlist called “I wish it would never stop snowing”. He lifted the chords from the beat and played it on his acoustic guitar, but still produced it chill-hop vibes to show some love to the original inspiration. Carol sang a completely new melody over those chords and the two decided they were both too good to compromise so they leaned into it and tweaked it until it was at the right level and now it’s two songs for the price of one.

No matter who you are… at some point in life, the rain is coming. There’s a time in everyone’s lives when the sun seems to simply disappear and they’re confronted with change which comes in many forms – from breakups, pandemics, to losing your job. When COVID-19 started we felt the rain massively. There are those who fear change, and those who embrace it. But once you learn the rain is what forces you to grow, you may wish it would never stop.”, said Jake when asked about the core message behind the song.

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