AUDIO: Cardo Cartel – “Dark Forest”

Few things are inevitable; death, taxes, and every day new names will emerge in the Milwaukee hip hop scene. One of the newer names that is just beginning to carve his lane in a crowded territory is Cardo Cartel, who put out his “Dark Forest” EP last month. The four track offering is the most complete introduction to the artist, who has had a couple of tracks out prior to this release. “Dark Forest” sounds just as the title would depict it; plenty of dark tones and trap beats comprise the production on this release. Topically, Cartel switches from dark themes on “Double Cup” to a braggadocios flow on “Mo’ Money”, giving you a sense for a multi-developmental artist in the making. Cardo Cartel is already teasing another project, so we’ll have that to look for, and you can get introduced to him with “Dark Forest” below:

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