Almondimilkhunni releases her first EP

Almondmilkhunni was on her pre-law track and was studying Political Science until it hit her that she needed to change life paths.

“I had a very weird midlife crisis type of feeling,” she shared.”I kind of felt like it was now or never.” Music was always a part of her life and in the background. Her dad would spend his free time producing beats growing up. She sang in the church choir and would write songs whenever she could. Because of this, it has gotten to the point where she wants to pursue her true passion. Worst comes to worst, she said if it doesn’t work out she can always go back to school.

Before it came to music, Almondmilkhunni started gaining a following on her social media pages and her music alter ego began to come to life.

“The name actually came from when I was working at Starbucks like early on in college and before college. And I would always drink almond milk in my drinks and I just thought it was a funny like ironic name,” Almond expressed. She said that her social media was blowing up under this name and people started to recognize her as Almondmilkhunni. For that reason, she decided to let the name stick. Don’t be fooled though her online persona and music alter ego is still true to who she is.

“My online persona is true to my nature, true to like how I feel and how I felt about things,” Almond describes. She uses her platform to get people talking about things that they aren’t always comfortable saying or just to make fun of herself. Her interest in political science and humanitarian issues  has come to play with her platform as well since it helps her share a different perspective on the world. She likes that she can talk about music, but also topics that are outside the arena of music. No matter what she’s talking about her number of followers has grown. Beyond her social media following, she started to have the people close to her on board.

“I had the people that mattered most to me supportive of my decision. People were definitely surprised because it was kind of out of nowhere,” Almond explained. But, she said this new plan of life was happening for her to feel like she could achieve something important to her. Soon enough, her music career began and she started working on demos, putting out singles and working on her first-ever self-titled EP.

“I’m really doing this,” Almond said. Back in January, her dreams of putting out her own music really came together when she took a trip to Los Angeles. She got some studio time and worked with her producers and writers and started to piece together this seven-song EP that is now officially out.

“It came together super organically,” Almond shared. “We just were super struck with inspiration while I was there so it was just song after song after song and like by the end of the trip, we were like wow we have an all-new project.

“These are the first singles that I’ve ever released,” she exclaimed. Besides inspiration from life in general, Almond has felt influenced by her love of Summer Walker and Aaliyah. She shared when she thinks of these artists it’s what makes her want to create music. She loves the music of their era and you can hear it sprinkled throughout this group of songs.

She said this EP has a vast amount of songs. “Henni Heartbreak” is described more as pop. “Give It All To Me” has Reggaeton vibes and is “dancey.” This one was the most challenging for her to put together since it’s more different than what she usually creates. Almond is also featuring another fan-favorite artist amongst her followers, Dounia, for her “Grapefruit-Remix.”

During this pandemic, she can’t get on the road on tour, unfortunately, but she said after releasing this EP you have demos to look forward to.

“I’ve been recording demos like the whole summer and fall, so I have a ton of songs finished and lined up from when I started,” Almond expressed. Be sure to follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @almondmilkhunni to hear not only her hot takes but more new music as it releases.

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