VIDEO: Reggie Bonds – “[LOVE.]”

Reggie Bonds is in the midst of putting out something special, with his upcoming release, “The Black Tape: A Black Ass Rap Album” coming soon to vinyl and cassette only. The project will be available in physical form, and is being sold for $111.11, as Bonds cares about the exclusivity of the project. However, we do get a sample of the project with a new video, “[LOVE.]”, which comes from the b-side, or “Soul” side of the “Heart” and “Soul” labeled project. This is the second single from the project, with a more hip hop oriented flow than the previous single, “Beautiful!”. You can preorder “The Black Tape: A Black Ass Rap Album” now at Reggie’s website, and check out the video for “[LOVE.]” below:

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