Artist Spotlight: Kia Rap Princess, Twan Mack

Twan Mack (left) and DJ Robb Breakz (right).

Twan Mack threw his “Return of the Mack” Friday the 13th Party at Captain Pabst Pilot House this week, bringing together artists from different scenes to show what they do. Matt Charette, Marc Alan Perez, Dame Ellzey, Adi, Kia Rap Princess, and DJ Robb Breakz all took part.

“The energy outside is a little bit hectic and crazy,” Kia said. “I’m still happy everybody showed up though. This is my first time here and I’m super excited and thankful to Twan Mack for having me. There’s a lot of good energy in the room so we’re not letting what’s going on outside affect us.”

“Being that we’re in the midst of a pandemic, I’d say tonight was great,” Mack said. “A lot of people are petrified right now with what’s going on but people still came out and we had a great time.”

Kia Rap Princess is a hip hop artist whose most recent single “Grateful” featuring Under5ive came out in January.

“It’s inspired by life. I was going through some trials and tribulations at the time. My sister in hip hop, Under5ive, called me and did a sister check – we do that every now and then – and asked to see how I was doing. During the conversation, something in me was like “yo, you should document this.” Everything she said on that track was part of that conversation. She wasn’t even in the room to do this track, and once we got off the phone, I went back to what she said and realized that where I was, things could have been worse. There are people out there going through so many heartaches that I couldn’t even fathom. Even when I’m going through my own trials that life hands me, I gotta make lemonade when life gives me lemons. I’m used to the upbeat hip hop and trap, but I wanted to really speak to other people. I know I’m not the only one that goes through these ups and downs in life and I wanted to let people know that it’s okay. People that you listen to – we go through trials too. This is what I’m learning through that process, and I’m pushing through it.”

Kia Rap Princess tells us about what she is currently focusing on.

“In the beginning of my set I opened with a new song called “Shark in the Water” and that’s gonna drop at the end of this month. My next song I got coming is called “The Game of Life” which also speaks about life’s trials and tribulations. We got other music coming – me and Kaylee Crossfire are continuing to work. This year I’m focusing on singles and getting messages across, and then next year we’re dropping another project.”

Twan Mack is a Milwaukee hip hop “elder statesman” and has been performing hip hop music in and outside of town since the 80’s. We asked him about a couple of his latest songs – the first of which being “Rewind” featuring Solana.

“It’s a story about deception, betrayal, and regret. Solana initially came up with the concept; it’s a song she had started on some years ago, and then she brought it to me. I loved it when she asked me how I felt about it, so we finished the rest of the song in my dining room at my place. I wrote my bars and it all came together very seamlessly.”

He also dropped “Bronx Bucks” just two weeks ago.

“It’s a collaboration with a brother named Mike Titan. He’s from the Bronx, the birthplace of hip hop. I’m from Milwaukee, Kareem City. He found me on Instagram and loved my stuff, and I loved his stuff – he’s a straight bar-smith, killer on the mic. We put it all together and before you know it, we had almost an album done. The song is just bars over a trance-like beat and feels like some post-apocalyptic shit. It’s straight boom-bap but the feel it gives the average listener is different.”

Twan Mack tells us what he looks forward to artistically in 2020.

“My new song “Marvelous” will be out in about three weeks. It’s a really dope record and a really dope video. It’ll be on HipHopDX – I got a really good publicist that’s pushing this one really hard for me. I also got a record coming out called “Disability” and it talks about my personal struggles the last forty years of what I’ve gone through and the triumphs, pitfalls…all that stuff. I’m giving the world Twan Mack this summer, with a couple different records.”

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