AUDIO: Twan Mack & Mike Titan – “Bronx Bucks”

Many times social media is used with negative results. Twitter wars, Facebook fights and Instagram incidents occur daily worldwide. It’s rare that positive fruits are bared, but in some cases, magic occurs. In early 2019 Bronx emcee Mike Titan stumbled across Kareem City veteran producer/emcee, Twan Mack. Titan’s beastie bars immediately captivated Mack and the two forged a brotherhood via Instagram.

What ensued was Bronx/Milwaukee sound the two aptly named “Bronx Bucks”. With production from Mack, both spitters bring forth lyrical gems, with topics ranging from the unreleased “My Attorney” to their current opus “Bronx Bucks” where the two swing for the lyrical fences over a trance styled, trunk thumper. Early indications are these two will continue to feed us combo jewels, while tending to their individual solo careers.

Bronx Bucks definitely delivers the goods with bars from Titan such as “Body shit in one cut, you bargaining for one dub/I’m carbonating one love, can’t carbon date what one does” or Twan stating “Once you get you get your spinach, bring hustling to a finish/And maybe be a landlord, collecting rent from the tenants. Check out “Bronx Bucks” below:

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