AUDIO: Camb – “Cool!!”

In 2019, Atlanta by-way-of Milwaukee artist Camb released “Cool!”, a three pack of chilled out tracks that blended hip hop and R&B. Recently, the 2020 follow-up EP dropped, noted by only the difference in title of an extra exclamation mark. Picking up where the last EP left off, “Cool!!” is a little bit more on the hip hop end of things to start, with more uptempo beats, followed by a couple of slower jams before the outro. We get some extra swagger from Camb, and that’s likely a little bit of an influence from the Atlanta sound, picked up after his relocation down south last year. At one point, Camb had noted that he had hundreds of tracks sitting on his hard drives, so there’s no shortage of material for “Cool!!!”, which seems like the likely follow-up in the future. Check out “Cool!!’ below:

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