Artist Spotlight: Rexxx

Power pop band Rexxx played 414 Live at 88Nine RadioMilwaukee Thursday afternoon, delivering one hell of a punch on their broadcast show. It came the day before their debut record was released.

Rexxx consists of vocalist Zach Otto, lead guitarist Ryan Reeve, rhythm guitarist Harrison Colby, bassist Sam Reitman, and drummer Jesse Buskov. Formed in late 2018, the band formed from Otto and Colby wanting to do something a little different from their punk band Sex Scenes.

“Harry and I lived together for about a year,” Otto said. “We both just love late 70’s-early 80’s power pop…like Phil Seymour and Dwight Twilley. We were writing all these songs that were decidedly not like Sex Scenes, and I had been jamming with Ryan doing stuff like this in a weird three-piece band that had no drummer – just tambourine – and played lighter pop songs. So we all agreed to do this thing and pull the trigger on it.”

Their new record is called “Pure Pleasure II.” Otto describes the recording process.

“We recorded with Josh at Silver City Studios and that was just a dream. We went in there for two days and got it done so quick. He knew exactly what tones we wanted and it was so smooth talking with him. Justin Perkins at Mystery Room mastered it; the turnaround was so quick, it was ridiculous. The themes deal with self-deprecation a little bit but also self-affirmation and being like “I’m not such an asshole like I was.” It’s a lot of self-change but having fun. You gotta shoehorn the good times in all the bad shit. I like to juxtapose the beautiful pop riff while singing a song about how much I hate myself.”

They are already writing new songs and hitting the road soon.

“We have a tour coming up in April; we’re touring with Wet Nights out of Denver…they’re kind of our sister band. They recently came up here for a show and after we played it we already talked about a tour. So we’re going for two and a half weeks to Denver to Austin and over to Louisiana, and then come back up hitting Georgia and Nashville. We’re recording another tape too…I’d like to have that done before we leave. That last song we played, “Not Yet,” is probably gonna be the single. Harry wrote that song.”

Rexxx is doing Flat Out Friday on March 13th, where they are playing outside the entrance of Fiserv Forum. They also play Cactus Club March 20th.

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