Artist Spotlight: The Erotic Adventures of the Static Chicken

Breaking and Entering hosted “A Wonderful Evening Boogaloo with the Chicken and Kangaroo” at The Cooperage on Friday evening featuring progressive blues rock band Wonderful Bluffer, funk band Modern Joey, and improvisational jazz-funk trio The Erotic Adventures of the Static Chicken – the last of which played for nearly two hours. Folks came out in droves for a night of dance-able fun.

Static Chicken consists of vocalist/guitarist Matt Turner, tenor saxophonist Aaron Gardner, and drummer Jeremy Kuzniar. The group formed in 1999.

“We went to Jazz Fest in ’99 and saw the original Oysterhead show,” Turner said. “This band Garage A Trois opened and they were real good, and we thought it’d be cool to do some stuff. And so we’ve been making up music for twenty years and having fun.”

“The cool thing about that was that it was bands that were all these incredible players but it wasn’t their real bands,” Kuzniar added. “It was their side bands, their fun bands…that’s what we wanted.”

Kuzniar comments on the band’s name.

“Our good friend Chris Vos and I lived together for a while, and one time he was in the bathroom and we were having a conversation and I was like “Chris, how about Static Chicken?” and he yelled back “The Erotic Adventures Of!” and then we visited Matt at his job – he worked at Subway at the time. We presented that to him at the sandwich counter, and he thought it sounded great.”

Turner explains that the band still has a MySpace page, where they have recordings up.

“We made a couple live recordings…our first album’s title was “Suck My Donkey Dick Dollhouse” and that is available on MySpace…we made it around 2000-ish. The band is a three-piece now but it’s been everything from a four- to five- to six-…we’ve gone through all sorts of members. It’s been all over the board. We have miles and miles of tape but not much out.”

When asked about what they are working on now, Turner insists that the people at their shows are really what has always made the band glow.

“Honestly, we only do this for the music and for the people. We’ve all traveled and toured the world, and we still just wanna play music so that’s what we do. That’s all it is – three friends that get together and do whatever they want on stage – you can laugh, giggle, make noise…whatever you feel. It’s different than any band anyone’s ever been in since everyone gets so wound up. If you wanna make sound because you had a fight with your girlfriend, you can do that. It just doesn’t matter.”

The Erotic Adventures of the Static Chicken plan on playing more shows in the near future, as they always have. Check it out – they’re a party!

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