Artist Spotlight: PaperStacks

Miss Mocha Music hosted “Too Cold to Tour” at Company Brewing Saturday night, bringing out not only a massive crowd at the Riverwest brewpub but one of the largest turnouts for Mocha’s events. The show celebrated hip hop artist Emmitt James’ vinyl release of his album “AVERY” (James is currently based in LA). Also on the bill were Neely, Ammorelle, Nile, and PaperStacks.

2019 was a massive year for the rapper PaperStacks. He released the hit singles “I’ll Wait” and “Fried Chicken” as well as his album “Lil Sum Sum” on streaming services everywhere. The music video for his song “Hi-C” just came out last month.

“In my song “I’ll Wait” the end slows down, and I tend to do a dance to it, and I didn’t do it tonight and a lot of people in the crowd were upset…you know, that’s love – they’re letting me know that they’re watching.”

He talks about what he is working on now.

“The album is still doing pretty well and I’m currently shooting music videos for certain songs. I wanna shoot a video for every song, but that’s in the dream world, so I’m doing as many as I can. I have five to six new songs written, but I’m currently in the promotion phase, where I’m putting money behind my album and videos to get them seen and heard. I’m just living in the afterlife of the album and doing shows like this.”

In fact, “I’ll Wait” just hit one million streams on Spotify in late November. He shares a bit about this achievement.

“It was mind-blowing. A small label approached me and wanted to invest in me – one song. They paid for me to record the song, they paid for the beat, and they paid for the promotion. They’re also gonna pay for the video in due time, and that’s why it’s getting so much traction. I’m getting overlap though, so people who want to listen to that song are also listening to songs like “Star of the Show” and “Different” which are both at like sixty-seventy thousand streams too, so there’s definitely overlap. It was really an honor, just something I’ve never experienced.”

PaperStacks is a dedicated chicken aficionado, or “bird” as he calls it. Fitting for his 2019 single, he and the artists were served fried chicken by Company Brewing for their family meal. He shares his thoughts on their “bird.”

“It’s not bad at all. I love the bird – don’t get me wrong – but I eat wings more. I tend to not eat whole chickens as often, but for a place I knew nothing about as far as chicken, I was surprised.”

PaperStacks plans to release more singles this year in addition to the videos, and is working on a group CD with fellow rappers and close friends Mo’City and Phif.

“Honestly in my soul, I feel something is gonna change for me in 2020. Something’s bound to happen.”

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