Artist Spotlight: Wire and Nail

Americana-country rock band Wire and Nail played 414 Live at 88Nine Radio Milwaukee Thursday evening, drawing an enthusiastic crowd of friends, supporters, and family. DJ Ayisha Jaffer hosted the event and interviewed the band prior to their performance.

Wire and Nail consists of lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Phil Bregant, backing vocalist/lead guitarist JT Gylland, bassist Ryan Moran, and drummer Cass Borgardt. Formed in 2017, the band is named after their secret fishing spot in Cedarburg.

“JT and I both fish and it’s the only thing we can agree on, to be honest with you,” Bregant joked.

Their debut self-titled EP came out summer 2017, and their sophomore record “Northwoods Rambler” just came out in December. Bregant gives some backstory.

“The concept came from a drink special at the Tin Widow called Kentucky Lowlife, and that sounded like a cool character to start writing. This person that evolved was kind of a degenerate and has issues, but at the end of the day they do whatever it is they wanna do. That’s a freedom I think a lot of people don’t have the luxury of…everyone’s tied down. The first EP we did it all track by track, out of necessity. This we recorded all live, so everything you hear on Northwoods Rambler is all us playing in a room at the same time. What you hear is what you get, which is kind of cool. Picking my favorite song is like picking your favorite child but I do really like “Waiting On A Woman,” – the ballad on the record. I’m so sick of love songs but my roommate was in such a terrible position which sucks because he’s such a nice guy…I wrote this from his perspective, so it’s like a refreshing look at writing a love song where I didn’t feel it was cliche.”

He discusses Wire and Nail’s plans for 2020.

“Now that everything’s out there, we’re gonna plan a spring and summer tour and hopefully be playing more around the Midwest. Hopefully we can open up for some bigger names, too.”

Wire and Nail has their album release party tonight at Pabst Taproom, playing along with Zach Pietrini Band and The Oxleys.

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