Artist Spotlight: Tae

Singer-songwriter Tae came down to Milwaukee for her “What Love Is” album release tour Thursday night, playing at Between Two Galleries in Walker’s Point. A set also came from Sam Luna, who currently lives with Tae in Ripon, as well from their duo act Poise & Ivy.

“I haven’t seen a lot of these people in so long, and for them to tell me how they felt being able to come here meant a lot to me. Relationships have lasted, and that’s always good to hear,” Tae said post-show.

Originally from Green Bay, Tae lived in Milwaukee for a couple years attending UWM before relocating back up north. She has a powerfully unique voice that carries her compositions through elements of soul, R&B, pop, and rock. She dropped three singles in 2019 – “Maggie Sue”, “I’m Through”, and “Used Me Up” – prior to her album release on New Year’s Day. Thursday marked her second show with her full band, which is guitarist Kelvin Kaspar, bassist David Blessent, drummer Andy Welsch, keyboardist Chadwick Johnson, and saxophonist Rogers Randle Jr.

“On Sunday I’m going down south to do some shows through St. Louis, Nashville, Asheville, Chattanooga, Memphis, Cleveland, and Detroit. Then I’ll be back around doing more local Wisconsin stuff.”

Tae says what her favorite Wisconsin cities are to play.

“I have a lot of fun in Stevens Point, but people are super appreciative in Appleton. I always love coming to Milwaukee because it’s just refreshing to come and see people I haven’t seen in a while.”

She describes the recording process of her new album.

“I tried to plan everything as much as possible to avoid any chaos that we would run into. It went surprisingly easy because people rehearsed their stuff. I chose a lot of different people based on how I liked their playing stylistically, and applied that to the different songs. If you look at the inside of the album, there’s probably over forty people listed. I really try to be as vulnerable as I can on the album and try to voice my experiences that I feel super deeply and try to let others know that what they might be experiencing – it’s not just them, and I try to cater to my ability to be an agent of social change.”

Tae discusses what her goals are in 2020.

“I just wanna keep getting better and being more comfortable with where I’m going. There’s so many new things and it’s crazy because it feels like it’s taken forever to piece together everything, but right now I’m just riding the wave, and it’s kind of hard to see everything in its full, and I wanna get better at that. There’ll probably be more music and more band shows.”

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