VIDEO: Reflection Of Flesh – “Truth Is Treason”

What do you get when you cross a Hawaiian-themed birthday party, a brewery, and a metal band? That’s exactly what we find out in the new video for Milwaukee band Reflection Of Flesh’s single, “Truth Is Treason”. The footage comes from an actual birthday party held at Indeed Brewing, and the stark contrast of a black-clad metal band among the brightly colored, balloon-filled atmosphere is enough to make the clip stand out on its own. Add in the fact that the song is absolutely brutal, with plenty of pounding bass lines and intricate guitar licks, and you’ve got a recipe for chaos. The track comes from the band’s latest EP, “Clearing The Mechanism”, and you can catch them live in Milwaukee again at Walker’s Point Music Hall on March 14th, conveniently at another birthday party show. Check out the video below:

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