Artist Spotlight: Anson Obvious

Comedy rock band Anson Obvious and the Uncomfortable Moments played alongside indie-emo rock band Tacoma Washington Weekday Club and singer-songwriter Andrew Prichard at Bremen Cafe Sunday night. For a Sunday, the draw was there, and it became a night to remember.

Anson Obvious is a unique creative figure. Based in Waukesha, he has performed both solo and with a band for the last two years now. He performs rambunctious and humorous, yet thoughtfully-crafted ballads that detail awkward situations, self-deprecation, and misfortune. He sings and plays guitar while currently backed by saxophonist Cass Struve, bassist Rob Dalsbo, drummer Sonny D-tro, and harmonica player “Mouse.” His debut EP (…and the Uncomfortable Moments with Women) came out about a year ago.

“I took a break from music for like three years because I had a kid; I got back into it when he was about three or four and started just doing solo stuff. Anson Obvious was originally my stage name for my last band and I just kinda kept it. Somebody wanted me to do a St. Patrick’s Day thing so I started doing more Irish music…you can definitely hear a lot of Irish influence in some of my originals. I pretty much let anybody in that wants to be part of the band…I won’t say no to anybody that asks to join.”

He explains where “the Uncomfortable Moments” came from.

“The EP was “Uncomfortable Moments with Women” as the theme…all the songs kind of fit into scenarios that normal people don’t put themselves in, like hiring a woman just to stare at you or the whole “if you wanna blow my load you gotta blow my mind” kind of thing…that’s something that you would hear a woman normally say. I turned it around from the perspective of a guy, because a lot of guys are just after sex and appear more needy – like a woman that shuts them down. I consider myself an asexual, and that may have been some factor into why my marriage fell apart, because I never proposed it and went along with it. I loved this person and it lasted eleven years but it wasn’t a priority of mine like it was hers. I’m not the type of person to chase after sex, my thing is music and performing and making people happy. I write lyrics that people wanna hear even though they don’t think they do until they hear them. Women I end up dating are ones that chase after me. (The EP) started off as comedy-style children’s songs but for adults, and then it developed into this more mature theme. That’s why the whole set bounces around from all different styles, and I like the shock value of it.”

He explains what his goals are for 2020.

“In 2020 I want to make a short EP called “Anson Obvious Does His Friends”…I didn’t play any of them tonight but I have a song about Party Marty, a song about Ali J and her “Dressember” campaign, and one about Gregg Wandsneider – he’s a blind guy that does music promotion and is the sweetest and most innocent guy to know, and he does stand-up comedy. I already got 2021 planned – “Anson Obvious and the Uncomfortable Moments with God” – which will be my religious-themed stuff.”

Anson Obvious has a number of regional festivals lined up once it gets warmer out.

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