AUDIO: Marty. Featuring OkayT98 – “Hefty”

Emerging artist Marty. is doing his part to develop as an artist. While he’s spent some time recently as the co-host of Fresh & Direct Radio on WMSE alongside DJ Loop, he’s also honing his sound as an emcee, and you can hear the growth on his new single “Hefty” featuring OkayT98. Produced by the featured artist, the beat is just a little bit grimy, and so is Marty.’s improved flow as well. OkayT98 comes in to smooth things out, with a more chilled-out flow, and the two offset each other well on the track. We only got our first glimpses of Marty. as an artist this year, and this may be the start of things to come for 2020. Check out “Hefty” below:

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