AUDIO: Taiyamo Denku – “If I Did An Album With Daringer”

One of the caveats of producers releasing beat tapes is that, ultimately, they’re giving away free instrumental tracks most of the time. Right now, New York collective Griselda Records is building a major national buzz, and label producer Daringer released a beat tape, which subsequently gave Denku the in to create a seven track project from. It’s a welcome merging of styles, as the jazzy, yet grimy production flows well with the Milwaukee emcee’s ability to freestyle like none other. The entire project is off the dome, according to Denku, which is a testament to his ability as an artist. It might ultimately be a footnote in the large body of work that is Taiyamo Denku’s catalog, but it’s a diamond in the rough for longtime fans of his work. Check out the project below:

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