AUDIO: Lil Chicken – “Billy”

Lil Chicken has found notoriety in being able to feed the streets with hoards of new content, and that build up leads to the internet buzz surrounding his new project, “Billy”, which dropped over the weekend. Chicken had been teasing the project for sometime, including a release date and artwork concepts on the preferred social medium of Milwaukee’s hip hop scene, Instagram. That being said, when it comes time to put in the work, Chicken is there with some quality tracks that will surely have people talking, including the anthem “Fast Cash Baby”. There’s plenty of experimenting with autotune, but there’s some growth from the initial videos that gave Chicken his reputation. If the YouTube plays that seem to add up in droves are any indicator, surely we’ll see Lil Chicken elevate his game in the fallout from “Billy”. Check out the new record below:

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