AUDIO: Twan Mack And Solana – “Rewind”

If you attended the Milwaukee Music Video Show at this year’s Milwaukee Film Festival, you caught the latest from Twan Mack and Solana, “Rewind” ahead of its release on streaming services. On Thursday, the track hit 88Nine Radio Milwaukee, and is now out for you to listen to at your leisure. “Rewind” is a track about a cheating lover, and the regret that ultimately comes along with it. The track features plenty of Solana, who in many ways takes the lead with her emotion-filled vocals. Twan Mack plays his part well on the track, with a smooth verse that deviates from the previous sounds that he has dipped his toes in. We’ll be looking for more from the pair soon, including the release of the video, but you can listen to “Rewind” here below:

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