VIDEO: Mr. Nice Guy with Saebra Laken

One of our contributors, Ben Slowey, is more than on top of the local music scene. In addition to his work for Breaking And Entering, he also hosts the Mr. Nice Guy podcast, an interview-based show that reaches out to Milwaukeeans for conversations about what motivates them. Many of these shows fittingly involve the local music scene, and we’ll be sharing some of them here as well.

On this episode, Ben sits down with Saebra Laken, who is vocalist of the band Saebra & Carlyle. Their new record “Wild at Heart” is out soon, and they recently went out west on tour. They discussed how Saebra and Carlyle began making music, privilege, the new all-ages venue ordinance that passed, music as magic, and their new record. You can check out more episodes of Mr. Nice Guy on YouTube, and check out this interview below:

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