AUDIO: Cleo Fox – “Percfect Play”

Hip hop / pop hybrid Cleo Fox has a new EP, and if there’s anything to say about his artistry, it’s that he constantly lives in the moment. That being said, while the music on “Percfect Play” might not age well, that’s not of his concern on the five-track project. From hooks about lines poppin’ like Popeyes to a myriad of contemporary trap references, this is a project that very much lives in the now. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though, as we’ve seen plenty of new product from Cleo over the years, and his ability to continue creating has never really been in question. In the current musical environment where projects are easily consumed and digested within a couple of plays, “Percfect Play” is designed to be palatable. Check out the new EP here:

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