Artist Spotlight: DaveKevinAdam, Knaaves


“Climatecore” band Snag celebrated their album release party at Company Brewing Saturday night, bringing along with them hip hop artist DaveKevinAdam, chamber folk band Social Caterpillar, and metal band Knaaves to perform.

“People were listening, for real,” DaveKevinAdam said. “They were really paying attention. It felt like people wanted me to talk more between songs, which is new.”

DaveKevinAdam moved to Milwaukee from Grand Rapids, MI last December, and has been performing around the Riverwest neighborhood since.

“I booked a show at Bremen two weeks before I came here…it was with a folk band and a jazz band…I just wanted a show close to where I was living. Then I met the Hughes Family Band and they told me to hang out at High Dive, and then performed there.”

He has a ton of music he is sitting on; he writes about his life in a way that favors neither past or present, but rather timeless. His latest album “Blevington Levy” is out on Soundcloud.

“Most of the stuff that I played in there is recorded but not out. I like for people to come to the show and then tell people they need to see my set, and then come to the next show. I really don’t want sing-alongs, honestly. I want people to know the songs but from a more intimate point…like they came to the show, heard it, and feel like they need to hear a song one more time. When it feels right I’ll put more stuff out.”

DaveKevinAdam performs at Quarters on November 23rd.

Knaaves consists of vocalist Andy Parmann, guitarist Jamie Kerwin, bassist/backing vocalist Amanda Daniels, and drummer Antonio Ninham.

“Andy, myself, and Antonio have been jamming together for about three years,” Kerwin said. “We’ve had a bunch of different members in that time period, but as a four-piece we’ve been going for about a year and a half.”

“The three of us were roommates and all had a background in metal,” Ninham added. “We all kind of wanted a scheduled hangout.”

Their debut record “The Serpent’s Root” came out this past September.

“We spent six or seven months recording this off and on,” Kerwin said. “Amanda put it best…she said any other time she had been in the studio, it was like a snapshot of the band at that time, because you go in and get a couple weeks to punch out the album and that’s all you get…whereas we took our time doing this and she said it was like a painting. We had an ability to work with colors and shadows – a lot more than the average band does.”

He goes on to explain the album’s title.

“It actually comes from a collection of sermons that David Koresh did in the late 80s. One of my first memories of watching cultural events was seeing the standoff at Waco that happened in the early 90s and I was like nine years old…to be nine years old and see that every night on the news really stuck with me and I’ve always kind of been interested in the psychology of how those types of events happen…like cults and stuff. We didn’t want to give (Koresh) credibility but I do think he’s a really interesting figure in American culture.”

The band has some rough drafts of new songs.

“We’ve been busy playing shows lately, so it’s been kind of hard to write,” Ninham said. “We all work and get to practice like once a week…our practices have been focusing on our set to play good performances, so in December when we don’t have anything scheduled we’ll probably work on completing the songs we started and will hopefully have stuff to pick and choose from.”

Parmann joined in on the interview late and spoke about the mixed-genre bill.

“Nights like these remind me of early 2000’s Milwaukee, where the sub-genres hadn’t been identified yet and everybody just had fun enjoying themselves. This could’ve been in a basement and just been all friends hanging out, and that’s kind of how I felt about it. That’s the kind of thing I want to see more of in shows in Milwaukee.”

Knaaves are playing an exciting show with a touring band at X-Ray Arcade in February. Stay tuned.

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