VIDEO: Twan Mack – “Main Concern” (Premiere)

This is one purely for the hip hop heads. Twan Mack is back with a new single and video, and “Main Concern” will get you nodding along with every bar. If you’ve been around Twan in a live setting, you likely know that he’s liable to beatbox when the moment presents itself, and that forms the beat for the new single. Mack also brings some street wisdom to the bars, with lines about apathy towards a flashy lifestyle, and only being concerned with himself and his money. The video from Abacus Haley is a play on the Brady Bunch intro, and the two get extra creative when they collaborate. Twan Mack has been making plenty of moves as late, and it doesn’t appear that he’s slowing down any time soon. Check out the premiere of the new single and video here:

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