VIDEO: Mari Boyz – “My Baby”

Mari Boyz are undoubtedly one of the names dominating the YouTube-centric underground hip hop scene, and their latest video, “My Baby” features a little bit of a style switch up. Of the group, this time it’s MariBoy KP and and Mula Mar holding things down, with a smooth beat that the pair put their signature flows to. KP is a slick talker, and the style of his verse reflects that, and Mula Mar puts the autotune to his voice regardless of whether he’s rapping or singing. If you listen closely, there’s a clever bar or two in there, but the track isn’t really about the lyricism, opting for a more street-friendly feel. While we don’t know if an actual project is in the works, Mari Boyz are consistent when it comes to dropping new clips, and you can check out the latest TeeGlazedIt-shot video here:

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