Breaking And Entering’s Five To Watch: October 2019

As a Milwaukee-based music website, it is our obligation to not only bring Milwaukee to the world, but bring the world to Milwaukee, as well. Five To Watch submissions are handled exclusively through ReverbNation.

We’ve moved into the fourth quarter of 2019, and there’s plenty of new music coming out left and right as always. As we do every month, we were tasked with fielding thousands of submissions via Reverbnation down to just five artists to watch. Check out who we think will be buzzing soon here:

Tiaday (Studio City, CA)

It feels as though the future of the music industry is going to include many artists that do not feel confined to genres, thanks in part to the way that the internet delivers music to consumers now. An artist that is melding together genres like pop, R&B, and hip hop is Tiaday, a California product that has a feel all her own. Music runs through her bloodline, as she is the granddaughter of Sherwood Ball, founder of Ernie Ball guitars, and the great granddaughter of a founder of ASCAP. It feels like Tiaday is the next evolution of a musical heritage, and you can hear that on “Favors” below:

Air Apparent (San Francisco, CA)

In a very tech-friendly city, Air Apparent draws influence from the culture of his current residence in San Francisco. Originally an Atlanta native with a background in classical music, the producer/artist has evolved throughout his life into a powerhouse with a synthesizer. A choir-trained voice only helps his pop credibility, and that myriad of influences create songs like “Asking You”, which you can check out below:

Red Money (Nashville, TN)

The combination of a distorted guitar, plenty of energy, and a driving backbeat are somewhat a can’t-fail formula, and French duo Red Money do it well. The band has played in the US and toured Europe, before ultimately relocating to their current home in Nashville. Influenced by acts like The White Stripes and The Black Keys, the band is hypnotizing with their simple, yet effective style. Single “Lies” is everything you want from a rock single, and the duo make it sound effortless. Check out the track here:

The Eiffels (Los Angeles, CA)

With the recent trend of synth-driven indie pop, acts like The Eiffels are just one of few that know how to truly do it well. With all of the catchiness of a traditional pop act, yet the edge and contemporary cool factor of what made new wave what it was, the band shows plenty of potential to catch fire with the right song. The band has already had several milestones, including touring with acts like X Ambassadors and getting a video featured on MTV, and this may only be the tip of the iceberg. Check out “Spin Around” below:

Kendra Black (New York, NY)

Drenched in synths and 808s, New York pop singer Kendra Black is putting all of the pieces in the right order to have a successful world as a solo act. With notable appearances at major New York music outlets and radio play in major markets throughout the country, Black is well on her way to stardom, and you can hear why on tracks like “This Love”, which you can stream the remix of below:

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