AUDIO: Supertentacles – “The Last Of The Salamander Kings”

Sean Anderson appears to be constantly writing and recording music, whether with Yum Yum Cult or his solo side project, Supertentacles. The latter recently released a new single, “The Last Of The Salamander Kings”, which features an eclectic array of sounds. Centered around a jangly, clean guitar, the song is very mellow, with accents courtesy of a pocket-heavy back beat and some glowing synths. Anderson lyrically paints a picture of a historic time, with a hook that “We’re living like 1630”. In some ways, there’s almost a sense of folk music charm to this track, and Supertentacles’ music in general. This song is a one-off, but undoubtedly we’ll hear more from Anderson in some capacity soon. Check out “The Last Of The Salamander Kings” below:

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