AUDIO: Taiyamo Denku – “End Game”

Taiyamo Denku is definitely turning a new corner with his latest loosie, “End Game”. The track is produced by Da Beatminerz, and serves as more of a lyrical exercise than a proper single. In fact, the solo track feels like a competition between Denku and himself to see how many references he can make within a four minute track. Everything from Rihanna to Arya Stark gets interwoven into Denku’s lyrics, and even if he’s just going off the top of his head on this track, it’s only a sampling of the lyrical work that Taiyamo Denku does on an average track. “End Game” is the first track we’ve gotten following Denku’s “Book Of CyphaDen” project, and there’s almost an endless stream of music from the Milwaukee emcee as of late. Check out “End Game” below:

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