AUDIO: AG Da Gift Featuring Duch – “No Excuses”

Producer/artist AG Da Gift is ever-expanding his range as a creator, and that includes the first single in a series that he’s calling “Target Practice Tuesdays”, “No Excuses”. The self-produced track features a contrast in styles between the two rappers, but they play well off of one another, with AG coming from the perspective of a young gunner working hard to get to his money, and Duch being more of a proven hustler, which is the truth, as he owns and operates his own company, Everyday Media. It’s only the first in what looks to be a running series from AG Da Gift, and we’ll see where he takes things from here. Check out “No Excuses” below:

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  • I appreciate the post, but I run my own company as well I make my own shirts, beats, do my own videos. I do it all myself, that ain’t no shade on the post it’s all gratitude. Just gotta let it be known I really hustle for every dollar and invest my own money into studio equipment cameras computers. But I still appreciate the post.

  • This Ag lol

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