VIDEO: J.O.S.E. – “Scary”

If you know him from behind the camera or the microphone, you know that J.O.S.E. makes his creativity look effortless. The latest example of that is his new video for a “Scary” freestyle, in which he was able to take a type beat from the internet and perform some lyrical acrobatics from start to finish with a video to boot. The flow from the south side emcee is one that is making him stand out not only within his side of town, but ever-expanding his buzz as well. We saw that momentum manifest itself in his “Raising Kings & Queens” album earlier this year, but tracks like this make you hope that there’s another project on the way. We’ll have to wait to find out, but you can check out the video for “Scary” below:

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  • My dude!!! We gotta link up soon. Thank you for all the support and love you continuously show me on ur outlet.. Truly blessed brother… Thanks again… Ohhyea there is another album on the way.. shhhhhhh.. It’s our lil secret lol…

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