VIDEO: 3hirtyK – “Diss For Whoever”

There’s wanting smoke, and then there’s wanting all of the smoke, and that’s the feel on the latest video from South Side rapper 3hirtyK. The track, produced by RichieWitDaHitz, is aggressive in its own right, but the verses amplify that feel with plenty of street-influenced flows. While we don’t know if this is aimed at anyone in particular, it’s clear that 3hirtyK isn’t playing any games when he gets to the microphone. The video from TeeGlazedIt isn’t any light work either, as we see plenty of weapons to back up the talk on the track. In any case, 3hirtyK is eagerly looking to establish himself within the underground hip hop scene, and “Diss For Whoever” looks like a defiant way to kick in the door further. Check out the video below:

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