Artist Spotlight: Pete Freeman & the Fritos

Sammy Pinback of hardcore political rock band Snag held his birthday celebration at Riverwest Public House Saturday night hosting performances by experimental-art-rock band Social Caterpillar, Snag, and singer-songwriter Pete Freeman. Friends and locals filled the space up and had the best of a night in Riverwest.

“It was fun; we had a goofy Sugar Ray cover in there and I got people laughing and smiling,” Freeman said post-show. “Most of the stuff I play live is upbeat and I hope people shimmy a bit. I met Sam through mutual friends and he ended up being my boss at Lakefront Brewery. I’m a school social worker during the school year and I was looking for a summer gig, so I’m pouring beers at Lakefront.”

Pete Freeman plays with country-folk flavor and has a debut record “Wisconsin Stories” that came out in March. The “Fritos” consist of Liam Welsh and Scott Parker (who had been feeling unwell for this show and was not present), both of which play in hardcore band Burmecia.

“I was not born and raised here; I grew up in Frederick, Maryland. My mom is from here originally so I still had family here. I moved here to go to school and I fell in love with the place and people. It was inspiring to me and I found alotta stuff to write about…just interacting with all the people I met. I met my buddy Conrad from Burmecia and I recorded with him…music is still kinda new to me and recording was intimidating but it was nice to do with someone I knew. He made it really easy. Looking back I feel like I rushed through some of it, so I’m looking forward to what’s next.”

Freeman is relatively new to performing – his first performance had been in late March.

“I feel like I’ve done it enough now where I feel way more comfortable. First couple times I was nervous as shit, but it’s really fun now that I got the jitters out.”

Pete Freeman has six to seven songs that are good to go for a new album. He hopes to have another album out by the end of the year.

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