Jakk Jo Masters the Game on New Single Graduated

By Deuce

The hardest verse, song, or recording that Mama Mia (X, that is—former No Limit soldier and unofficial Tank Dawg champion) ever laid down is arguably “Boss Chick”, a duet that begins with her telling fellow vocalist Mac (get home soon) that she’d die for him.

Over 20 years later it’s apparent the songstress found something to live for because not only is she still around, but so is her seed Jakk Jo who, telling by his latest single and music video “Graduated”, is heir to the same (if not similar) streets in that dirty, dirty that spawned his matriarch.

Almost everything about Jakk is distinctly New Orleans which, considering its lengthy tradition of music dating from its inception of the jazz era to some of the more celebrated rhymers of the 21st century calling it home at some point in time, isn’t a bad thing at all. In many of his press photos he resembles Juvenile; in others, he tends to favor Soulja Slim (RIP) with his soulja rag tight about his dome. In some recordings he sounds a little like Hot Boy Turk, while there’s definitely elements of Lil Wayne’s first solo single, “The Block is Hot”, reverberating throughout “Graduated”.

All of these game spitters put it down in Louisiana around the time Jakk was likely conceived, and their influence—that of the city and its legacy throughout the state, in fact—is distinctly felt on “Graduated” in which he even makes references to ‘Hot Boys’, the New Orleans based Cash Money Records super group that imploded last decade and featured most of the aforementioned pioneers.

“Graduated” is the first single from the latest in a long precession of mixtapes Jakk’s released, the appropriately titled Wohday Music 5, which naturally follows up the first four volumes. Makes you wonder if Wayne was really the first rapper to give four or five releases the same name with different numbers, and exactly how influential the term first popularized by CMR and entitled in Jakk’s installments still is today.

Not surprisingly, then, “Graduated” could’ve been released around the turn of the millennium. It’s got the uptempo beat, double and triple time high hats, and energy of the classic N.O. sound–once Manny Fresh perfected, and moved on from, the bounce scene. More importantly, it demonstrates that Jakk is keeping the legacy going, for which he should be credited. 

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