Joe Gifted Goes “Way Back” on Latest Release

By Deuce

It’s not exactly clear just when the music industry transitioned from an album driven market to a singles driven market, but this much is readily apparent: singles revolve the industry today. One song—the right song—can make or break your career, land you a spot on a multinational record label (some of the most storied in history, even), trigger record release parties, cult followings, and all the attendant attention traditionally reserved for best selling albums.

ATLien Joe Gifted is well versed in this 21st century reality. By his own admission, he had been “grindin’ for years”, but it wasn’t until a frenzied month or two span in 2017 that his patna posted a little tune he performed, “Water”, on a popular social media platform and he suddenly became the industry’s hottest commodity—and newest artist on Warner Records.

Two years later Gifted’s bereft of Warner, dealing with Select-O-Hits and, by extension, Sony for distribution of his latest single “Way Back”. Featuring the vocal stylings of partner in rhyme 24 Heavy, the two trade verses back and forth in an ode to exactly how far back they go.

On this outing the piano’s smooth, the kicks are top heavy, and that good ol’ 808 clap is clapping, much as it’s been for the last several years. Gifted and 24 have fleet flows laced with a heaping dose of melody, making their verses stand out from the subdued strains of the keys. The artist plans on following up his latest release with an Extended Player by the end of the year to see just where exactly he can take the next phase of his career.

“We picked this record to get something going while we put the EP together,” Gifted mentioned. “I got so many records it’s hard to choose which songs I want to use for the EP but, we got the songs ready. The title I want to be The Greatest Gift Ever.”

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