AUDIO: King Myles – “Hiii Times 3” (Premiere)

Every trilogy needs a strong final chapter, and the third EP in King Myles’ “Hiii Times” series is no exception. Within three tracks, you can see the evolution of the Milwaukee emcee since the initial “Hiii Times” tape was released in August of 2014. With lyrics about the work that he’s been putting in, coupled with some personal motivations to take his career to the next level, Myles is untouchable when he gets in his pocket on this release. The heart of the tape is track two, “Vapors”, which seems to encapsulate who King Myles is as an artist today, and how he got there. From start to finish “Hiii Times 3” is another in a long list of quality releases from King Myles, and you can get your first listen by checking out the premiere of the EP here:

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