88Nine’s “Backspin” Searches For Milwaukee’s First Hip Hop Song

While it falls by the wayside at times, Milwaukee has an eclectic musical history. 88Nine Radio Milwaukee recently looked at one of the elements of local music folklore that is least represented; the earliest notions of the Milwaukee hip hop scene. For this, 88Nine put together a comprehensive six-part podcast, “Backspin: The Search For Milwaukee’s First Hip Hop Song”. Hosted by 88Nine’s Justin Barney and DJ Bizzon, the series takes a look at the context surrounding the birth of hip hop, the growth to the Midwest, and ultimately, the first true hip hop song from Milwaukee. Key figures like Jordan “Madhatter” Lee, Kid Millions, Andy Noble, JDL & The DMT all provide their expertise to help add some authentic looks at the history of hip hop as well. You can check out all six parts of the podcast at the link below:

Click here to check out “Backspin: The Search For Milwaukee’s First Hip Hop Song”

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