Y-Kay Comes Through On New Singles “REPO” and “Be Right Back”

By Deuce

Y-Kay is many things, perhaps much more so than your average emcee to hoist a microphone is. He’s a self-proclaimed hip hopper and filmmaker, designer and stylist, philosopher, polymath, African European, and deist, of all things. He spent time in the Dirty Bay but is coming out of Dubai, at present and, as founder and CEO of HouseEast Media group, he writes, records, and engineers music.

Most importantly, however, from the perspective of the freshly released HouseEast pair of singles attributed to Y-Kay, dude’s got a few flows. Seriously. It’s not uncommon to get caught up in the artistic posturing or contemporary glamorization of the rap lifestyle while touting so many different titles, but both “Be Right Back” and “REPO” are predominantly characterized by a nimbleness of wordplay that stands on its own—regardless of the track.

This fact is particularly emphasized on the former, with the more upbeat tempo and smooth male vocal crooning providing a solid backdrop for a bevy of rhymes barely contained within the 16 bar format. To his credit, Y-Kay is able to switch flows in mid-stride. He establishes a rhyme pattern but, unlike the majority of his peers calling themselves rappers today, he can vary it, deviate from it and, most importantly, devise new patterns with polysyllabic rhymes indicative of a possible future in this.

The thing is, the other track, “REPO”, severely pounds. Hard, that is. Unequivocally, in fact. It entices the listener with a distinct Middle Eastern feel of snake charming music, bag pipes perhaps, or some sort of ethereal flutes for the first couple bars, hypnotizing you, before touching down with those good ol’ 808’s and double time high hats that are still blazing across many an instrumental these days. You’ve got to respect the way Y-Kay stutter starts the first couple of lines, teasing you with flows before delivering on the promise of what likely is the more appealing of the pair of cuts.

As a look at his SoundCloud page indicates, Y-Kay’s been in the game for a minute. He’s got the ear to pick the right tracks, and has the verve to bring them to life with his diction. Both “REPO” and “Be Right Back” demonstrate that HouseEast Media group could make some serious inroads in the music market in the days to come with a full-length release, either later in the year or in 2020.  

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