AUDIO: Dad – “DadGod”

For a project that he admits was mostly a collection of freestyles and messing around, Dad has a strong effort on his new mixtape, “DadGod”. The project dropped (fittingly) on Father’s Day, and features 15 tracks of smoked out, semi-ironic flexing from the Milwaukee emcee, but the replay value remains high. From the parental bars on the intro, through unique takes on trap music like “Big Buck Hunter” and single “Big Dank Hank”, Dad shows that he has a unique aura about his delivery that is appealing as an act. There’s some clever wordplay, plenty of swagger, and hooks that are nothing short of memorable on this release. If this is Dad at half-speed, we can’t imagine what a full effort from him would be like. He reportedly has four more albums in the tank, but you can stream “DadGod” here below:

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