Dad Brings Fatherly Energy to Company Brewing


Milwaukee Underwear Bike Ride held its ten-year anniversary at Company Brewing Saturday night – complete with musical entertainment. In honor of Father’s Day, hip hop artist Dad performed in his underwear with a live band and celebrated an album release for “DadGod.” Spice God did a DJ set and Twin Cities loop-pop artist The Nunnery performed as well.

“A lot of horsepower was in the air,” Dad said post-show. “Energy tonight was beautiful…I had a lot of lovers out there, and a few fighters – somebody threw a piece of pizza at me.”

Dad describes the recording process of his new album. His live band is not permanent but consists of a bassist, drummer, keyboardist, saxophonist, and violinist. He collaborated with Pittsburgh artist London Yellow on a number of tracks, who came on stage with him.

“I just make the music when it comes. When I have a vibe I’ll make it into a beat. I create all the time and whatever makes it, makes it. I freestyled a lot about weed and shit. I made Father Figure and then I made Holy Father and then I wanted to bridge the gap so I made Dadscension. When I was traveling the country I was thinking I just wanted to make a mixtape and have fun with music. I had just finished Holy Father and Dadscension and I just wanted to give myself a break so I freestyled and just had fun. For songs like Big Dank Hank I wanted to make some Milwaukee-ass shit. I was fucking around a lot (on DadGod) to be honest but a lot of people love it.”

Dad weighs in on the significance of Father’s Day.

“I’m really out here just trying to feed my kids with this shit. I wanna give them life lessons. I want to put down for my family.”

Dad has another four projects done but hasn’t decided when he is dropping what. He has a show at Under the Big Tree on Thursday and another out in Pittsburgh on Saturday.

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