VIDEO: Taiyamo Denku Featuring Thirstin Howl III – “Missle Form”

When Taiyamo Denku winds up the machine to start a rollout for his next project, you have to believe that there will be plenty of content to come with it. The latest example is the video for “Missle Form” featuring Thirstin Howl III, from the upcoming “Book Of CyphaDen” album. The track once again features Denku in his pocket, which is generally above most rappers in terms of delivery, and that’s combated by the ultra-alliterative flow by Howl III. The video from CTM Films is clean as always, and gives the contrasting styles a more visual representation. We’ll be on the look for “Book Of CyphaDen”, which is due out in September, but you can check out “Missle Form” here below:

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