RECAP: Big Beat MKE 2019 – Quarterfinals Night Two

Leading up to last night’s beat battles in the quarterfinals of Big Beat MKE, there was an electricity throughout Jackalope Lounj unlike any other. With 40 Mil vs. Godxilla and Spice God vs. Beat Council on the card, an epic night was in store, and the producers did not disappoint. In addition to that, it was Vogel Park’s turn to takeover the night, with performances from Camb and AWillThaGreat that kept the crowd moving as well. Jackalope Lounj was packed from the stage to the back door, and everyone went home buzzing from the night.


The first battle of the night proved to be an instant classic, as Da Monsta (40 Mil) and Godxilla went toe-to-toe in a true clash of the beat battle titans. Prior to the battle itself, both had taken friendly shots at one another on social media, which Godxilla explained had spilled over from trash-talking texts between the competitors beforehand. That energy translated into an incredible battle, with some of the hardest beats Big Beat MKE has seen yet. Godxilla flipped South Park’s “Salty Chocolate Balls” into a diss beat, and 40 responded with an insane track that featuring a vocal sample that the reign of Godxilla had ended. Both producers gave it their best effort, and there was no way this wasn’t going to overtime from the start. In a narrow decision from the judges, 40 Mil won the first round of what we hope will become an epic beat battle rivalry to go to the semifinals.


With all of the hype around the first battle, there were a couple of absolute killers in the second contest, as well, as Spice God went up against the collective known as Beat Council. The crowd was still very much alive, and were boisterous throughout the battle. Beat Council pushed the Jackalope Lounj speakers seemingly to their brink, but Spice God countered with lots of bass, varying tempos, and a calm demeanor on stage while handling business. With the energy in the room already high, there were calls for a fourth round before the end of regulation, and Spice God broke out a customized Tune Squad jersey for the crowd before dropping his last beat to get just a few extra cheers. Ultimately, Spice God ended up taking the win in what turned out to be an equally exciting battle as its hyped up predecessor.

There was showmanship, clever disses, a loud, lively crowd, and plenty of insane production on night six of Big Beat MKE. This was everything you could have ever asked for from a beat battle and more. Don’t miss next week, as Fearjoy faces James Ashen, and Da Monsta (40 Mil) will do battle with Spice God. In addition to that, we’ll have performances from Mudy and J-Lamo. Your updated bracket is below:

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