Meet the Producers of Hi-Five Studio

Riverwest’s Hi-Five Studio has become a force to be reckoned with as Milwaukee’s influx of creatives is manifesting more than ever. Opened in late 2017, the creative hub is situated on the corner of Weil St and Concordia Ave and is owned by Ryan Rosmann. It is known for monthly networking events where friends and strangers alike mingle in creative circles, jam together, play music, drink, and setup collaborations – everything you would hope to get out of it.

While Rosmann may be the first that comes to mind when Hi-Five gets mentioned, he certainly does not do it alone.

The studio has a devoted team of hip hop producers and engineers that stay working around the clock. Besides Rosmann himself (who mostly records bands and non-hip hop artists) the team consists of Xan, Zuse, Troy Ashford, and Dev Diamond.

Zuse had been raised in a church playing drums and is heavily inspired by D’Angelo and Drake. He first found Hi-Five from attending a networking event and from there took his music more seriously than ever.

“The Five family accepted me with open arms and noticed my talents,” Zuse said. “Good people are attracted to good vibes.”

Zuse is working on singles he plans to release this summer. He is known for his infectious, bellowing laugh and is often the first face one sees when they enter Hi-Five during the day.

Xan, or “XANNO,” first came to Hi-Five for a networking event and became instantly inspired to make music again after long having put it off. He too is working on a project he will be releasing this summer.

“The Five is like a hub to meet people who do music. You come there to catch a vibe but more importantly make hits,” Xan said. “I want to put our city on the map. I’ve done a lot of work with industry artists but I want to focus on my city this year.”

Dev Diamond describes himself as “a variety pack.” He had been one of the first to join Rosmann in bringing Hi-Five to life.

“I’ve been with Hi-Five since the basement days,” Diamond said. “It’s always felt like home base. We’re very family oriented here.”

Diamond’s latest single “CAGE” may be found streaming everywhere. His upcoming EP is titled “VII” and revolves around the motif of the number seven.

“I’m always on the lookout for new artists to sit down, catch a vibe and make magic with,” Diamond added. “I’d like to land more placements and get more involved in promo/brand campaigns for companies. Recently partnering with LÜM will allow us to connect with even more talent on a soon-to-be national platform. Time to start putting the pieces together.”

Troy Ashford goes by the alias “The Catalyst.” He describes his inspiration as “God first,” and has collaborated with Diamond on VII.

“I work with Hi-Five because they let me and because they were the most open studio to let me come around,” Ashford said. “Ryan teaches me a lot about audio engineering and they’ve connected me with some amazing artists.”

Not only are there talented resident producers at Hi-Five, but the media production companies Zero Undiscovered (run by Eric McCambridge and Marissa Williams) and Phat Phat Productions are also based in the facility. Justin Gordon is Hi-Five’s Director of Photography and Jack Wilkins is a videographer for Zero Undiscovered. The audiovisual podcast Mr. Nice Guy (hosted by this article’s author, Ben Slowey) is done at Hi-Five as well.

A lot happens here. Come see it for yourself.

Hi-Five Studio’s next networking event will be June 1st and will feature performances from Dev Diamond and pop rock band Will Pfrang and the Good Land Gang.

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