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AUDIO: Dev Diamond – “Torn”

Pop artist Dev Diamond dropped a fresh single for the New Year. Merging R&B with trap on a Gldn Child-produced beat, Diamond sings about wanting what he can’t have. He can’t deal with the back-and-forth situation anymore so perhaps he’s better off alone. It’s got an ethereal smoothness that truly evokes feelings of lust and temptation. We’re excited to see

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AUDIO: Dev Diamond – “Somewhere”

Dev Diamond’s latest single sees him going in a more pop rock direction. He sings about a fling that came out of a nowhere but he wants to see where it’ll go. He’s craving adventure with this person and wants to get lost with them. It’s catchy and energetic; Dev Diamond has been pushing his sound in so many unique

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AUDIO: Dev Diamond – “Treasure Island”

Hip hop artist and producer Dev Diamond collaborated with Gldn Child to bring us his latest track, where he raps about knowing where the treasure’s at and has a map to find it. He compares his journey to success to having a tropical destination and encourages everyone to find their own “treasure island.” His idea for this track is perfect

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