VIDEO: Taiyamo Denku – “Smackdown”

In the current age of streaming, where an entire discography is just as valuable as the latest music to be added to it, it’s surprising that artists don’t go back to revisit their old work as much as they could. That being said, Taiyamo Denku does just that, with the video for “Smackdown” from his 2016 “If I Did An Album With Nick Wiz” project. The track hits hard, as most Denku songs do, and there’s never any shortage of lyricism. We get a crisp new clip from CTM Films to help breathe new life into the track as well, with a grimy performance clip. If you’re feeling it, you can revisit the whole “If I Did An Album With Nick Wiz” project, but you can check out the video for “Smackdown” below:

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