Big Beat MKE 2019: Opening Round Night One Recap

For weeks and weeks, the anticipation surrounding the 2019 edition of Big Beat MKE was building. On Thursday night at the Jackalope Lounj, things were ready to pop off, with the first opening round battles between Mr. Killeralain vs. Bennie D, and Penny Beatz vs. FearJoy. To add to the excitement, performers Yogie B & Keez and Spaidez couldn’t wait to tear the roof off of the building, as well.


The opening battle of the night featured Mr. Killerlain vs. Bennie D, and both producers were ready to make an impact on their first Big Beat MKE tournament. Both producers brought incredibly clean, bass-heavy beats that went toe-to-toe with one another well. It was arguably the closer of the two battles for the night, and the judges’ votes reflected that. In the end, Bennie D ended up taking the first win of the tournament, and is moving on to the quarterfinals.

Yogie B & Keez

The second contest of the night was another incredibly close affair, with Penny Beatz and Fearjoy going head to head. Penny Beatz brought some strong tracks full of flare, and Fearjoy was able to match him, with the added touch of modulating his tracks on the fly with an MPC. As host Twan Mack pointed out, there are no losers, but someone has to move on to the next round, and that was the case, as Fearjoy also punched his ticket to the quarterfinals.

The opening night of Big Beat MKE 2019 set the bar incredibly high for the next seven weeks of competition, but Milwaukee is more than capable of stepping up to that. In fact, we brought enough energy last night to briefly kill the power at The Wicked Hop, just before the winners were announced. We’ll catch you at Jackalope Lounj next week for the second night of the opening round, and don’t miss performances from Nile and Phat Nerdz as well. Check out the updated bracket below:

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