AUDIO: Mayyh3m – “I’m Not Supposed To Be Here”

The Phat Nerdz crew is definitely a Milwaukee collective on the rise, and sooner rather than later. One of the latest additions to their ever-growing output of content is Mayyh3m’s new album, “I’m Not Supposed To Be Here”. The project is ten incredibly strong tracks, featuring smoothed out production and skillful flows. The strongest feature of this release, however, is that it has the genuine feel of a mainstream album from the moment you press play. There’s a distinctive flow that feels present when you hear the album in whole, and you get the sense that the material on this project is some of the best music that Mayyh3m had in reserve. For a debut, Mayyh3m is definitely making his presence felt with this album, and you can check out “I’m Not Supposed To Be Here” below:

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