Breaking And Entering’s Five To Watch: April 2019

As a Milwaukee-based music website, it is our obligation to not only bring Milwaukee to the world, but bring the world to Milwaukee, as well. Five To Watch submissions are handled exclusively through ReverbNation.

After a brief hiatus, Breaking And Entering’s monthly feature, Five To Watch, is back with five emerging artists from around the world to keep an eye on. Over 1,800 artists submitted music via Reverbnation, and we had the always difficult task of refining that down to just five acts to spotlight. Check out your April 2019 Five To Watch:

Brother Zulu (London, UK)

London-based soul outfit Brother Zulu gives you their whole presentation from the moment that you first hear them. With clean guitar lines and retro-inspired dance percussion, the band’s single “Fine!” is an instant party, making you think of warm weather, rooftops, and all things purely cool. Vocalist Max Tuohy gives his all on the track, and you can hear genuine emotion in his performance. The band only has a smattering of singles out at the moment, but we can’t wait to hear more of what they’re doing soon. Check out “Fine!”:

Graci Phillips (Nashville, TN)

The heart of country music, Nashville, is both an easy and extremely difficult place to break out. Singer/Songwriter Graci Phillips should hopefully have an easier time, though, as a Nashville native with a natural talent. With a country twang groomed from her hometown, Phillips is stunning as a singer, with a jazzy feel to her vocals that give her an extra edge. Phillips has put out two projects so far, with her latest EP, “Burning House” being released in 2017. Check out “Conductor Doctor”:

Sarah Herzog (Mill Valley, CA)

With a sound that combines funk, pop, and indie rock influences, California artist Sarah Herzog has the complete package as a performer. Backed by a band that carries her groove well, Herzog shines on songs like her single, “Late To The Party”, which is anchored by an all-too-catchy vocal line. Herzog’s debut album, “Your Experiment”, came out last year, and we’ll see if we hear more beyond that in the coming months. Check out “Late To The Party” here:

FlyGuy Rufio (Los Angeles, CA)

Performing, dancing and singing from the age of 7 onward, LA resident FlyGuy Rufio has music in his DNA. The grandson of Jamaican artist Paul E. Martin, Rufio has had a unique life experience, living all over the country before touching in California, all the while steadily developing his sound. His sound ranges from hip hop to R&B to pop, and that versatility has led to him opening for acts like Post Malone, Omarion, and other notable mainstream stars. FlyGuy Rufio has the potential to craft a pop single that could elevate him to the next level, and you can hear that on “Dirty Dancin'” here:

Patersani (Glascow, UK)

With an infectious indie pop sound, Glascow band Patersani is looking to break out in a major way, and they certainly have the chops to do so. Formed by brothers Craig and Dave Paterson, the band has a driving sound about themselves, with well crafted songs like their single, “Ella Ella”. One listen to the band and you can tell why they’ve made plenty of noise domestically. They’ve already played festivals in the UK with acts like Kaiser Chiefs and Jake Bugg, but their debut EP may push them beyond that level of success as well. Hear what could be the next big band from Scotland on “Ella Ella” below:

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