Dr. BENTZ Goes to Work on New Single “Risin’ Up”

By Deuce

There’s something unmistakably refreshing about Dr. BENTZ, particularly on his recently released singled “Risin’ Up”. Perhaps it’s his delivery, which stutter steps in mid-cadence from conventional rap flows to melodies in mid-verse, or mid-hook, as the case may be.

It also could be his choice of music. When was the last time you heard a rapper drop a single that was faster than 85 BPMs? Yet BENTZ is pushing the pace on “Risin’ Up”, which moves with an energy characteristic of EDM yet is undeniably rap driven—especially with the now classic clap for a snare and straight ahead drum pattern.

Then again, it could always be his cogency. You get the feeling that BENTZ means the majority of lyrics he sprays all over this track, and that they seem to have a special significance for him.

Nonetheless, perhaps the most memorable aspect of BENTZ, which is definitely a break from the norm on the music scene, is his day job. The man is currently pursuing a career as a naturopathic doctor (not to be confused with homeopathic medicinal practices) and has dedicated some of his efforts to helping an assortment of artists and athletes achieve peak performance without the usage of dope.

Nonetheless, “Risin’ Up” is also noteworthy for the artist’s unabashed embrace of left coast hip hop, which somehow rarely gets mentioned these days. He name drops the dirty yay as well L.A., L.A., seeming convincing in his ardor to restore the west—a tall chore for anyone, let alone a newcomer.

Nonetheless, Bentz is far from a total newbie. He cut his teeth on Q-Theory’s Design By Chance (2006), and also laced up YYoga Community’s Listen To Understand Volume I and Volume II with his sonic offerings. He’s currently working hard on a solo mixtape EP series, which very well could see the light of day by the end of the year. With a couple of YouTube videos in the mix and a heavy social media presence, BENTZ could help to move the music forward and get west back where it needs to be.

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