Godxilla wins Cream City Beat Battle

Company Brewing hosted the first ever Cream City Beat Battle Saturday night, garnering a massive turnout. Producer Main.Key curated it, with Mic Crawf as the MC and Moses playing the music.

The bracket-style competition had sixteen producers pitted against each other one-on-one, with four rounds total. Each battle consisted of two one-minute rounds with producers alternating turns. A panel of five judges then decided on the winner based on originality, quality, and crowd reaction.

Arrogant, Ave4, Cade Zube, Datraj, Dev Diamond, DSHN, Godxilla, James Ashen, KD, Richy Slims, Scylla, Shogun Hua, Spice God, Systematik, Triv, and Wabi all competed. After a fierce but fun night of showcase, the final round came down to Godxilla against Spice God. Godxilla ultimately prevailed.

His prize includes two hours of studio time at Hi-Five, two weeks of Fuelgood meal prep, mixing headphones from Koss, and clothing from Cream City Phresh, all of which sponsored the event.

Godxilla is Christopher Taylor. A Milwaukee native, he has been making music for thirty-two years. He turns forty-six this year.

“People came here to hear producers,” Taylor said. “It was a house full of people that came here to hear people that actually are in control of the sound. All the emcees look for people like us to help bring their ideas to life but rarely do we get celebrated. So tonight is a celebration.”

Taylor is a certified Pro Tools expert, taught recording Madison Media Institute, and is studio manager of the Running Rebels Community Organization. Additionally he plays ten instruments, including trumpet, sousaphone, piano, drums, and bass – the last of which he played himself on his beats. His independent label has released over ten albums and he has worked with the likes of Big Mike (whom he is currently working on an album with), Bushwick Bill, Coo Coo Cal, Young Bleed, Bizzy Bone, and many more.

“This is the first time I actually prepared for a battle,” Taylor laughed. “I was terrified tonight. I was the 2007 Chicago champion, but now I’m a 2019 Milwaukee champion.”

“Every time I brought up who was in the battle, people that have been around in the scene when I mentioned Godxilla would get so hyped,” Mahnke said. “His submission was insane.”

Mahnke had been mesmerized by the night’s success. He received thirty-six submissions for the event and found it incredibly challenging to narrow it down.

“It was like an eight hour process,” Mahnke said. “We assigned numbers to everybody’s submission so there was no bias. It took way longer than I thought it would. I figured we’d listen and know right away…no. We had to listen to people multiple times and there’s people I wish I could’ve had in it.”

Mic Crawf got involved from being suggested by Moses to Mahnke.

“Being able to control the energy is rewarding,” Crawf said on being the MC. “When everyone’s on one accord they’re just in your hands, man.”

Judges included WebsterX, Joey Dadass, and Reggie Bonds.

“I named it Volume 1 because I knew there would be a Volume 2,” Mahnke said on what happens next.”In bigger Midwest markets like Minneapolis and Chicago, you could pull up to an event like this once a month. It’s a void that needs to be filled. What happens next was totally dependent on tonight. I’m speechless about tonight, honestly.”

Mahnke went on to enjoy his beer. He well earned it.

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