AUDIO: Raze – “Bouquet of D’usse (A Weekend in February)”

At this point, veteran Milwaukee emcee and producer Raze has the creative freedom to do just about whatever he wants with his music and not seem too far from the ordinary. The often-times brash, outspoken artist has done everything from street records to backpack hip hop, and plenty songs about females with little left to the imagination. All of that comes together on his new EP, “Bouquet of D’usse (A Weekend In February)”. The title is admittedly a joke, according to Raze, but we get six tracks of new music, made over the course of just a single weekend. From talking about the competition on “Naw” to some no-nonsense lyrics on “Lights Low”, nothing is off limits on this project. We also get a feature from Rich P. and Channel Forbus on closer “The Cycle” that is well worth your time. Over his extensive career, we’ve always gotten high quality music from Raze, and “Bouquet of D’usse” is no different in that regard. Check out the EP here:

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